What are Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are the preferred format of betting odds in places such as continental Europe and Australia. This format allows bettors to quickly determine what their total payout on a wager will be if the bet they place is graded a winner. Unlike American odds… Read more

What are American Odds

The most widely used format of odds in the United States are American odds. Like fractional odds, American odds are a projection of what the profit on a wager will be, as opposed to the total payout that decimal odds solve for. Due to their… Read more

Sportsbook FAQ

Why was my teaser settled at a loss? If one of the wagers in your teaser played out to a push and was graded a loss, it is because you had selected a sweetheart teaser. Sweetheart teasers never reduce. What happens if one portion of… Read more

What Is A Money Line

A moneyline wager is the most standard type of play in sports betting. Unlike with point spread wagers or prop bets where certain conditions within the game need to be met for you to cash, a bet on the moneyline is simply a bet on… Read more

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