Online Slots Strategies

Online Slots Strategies

If you’re new to the world of online slot machine play, you’ll inevitably encounter fellow players peddling strangely worded advice about “tracking patterns” or “counting naked pulls.”

And while some of these slot fans may mean well, simply hoping to impart their own personal approach to the game, most folks hawking so-called slot strategies are trying to pull the proverbial wool over your eyes.

Here’s the bottom line about slot strategies: they don’t exist.

As a negative expectation gamble, one based on chance with no player decisions or skill elements included, online slots offer purely random outcomes. That means the idea of strategy, at least as it pertains to skill-oriented casino games like poker, just doesn’t apply in the same way players hope.

You can’t get better at virtual slots, or apply techniques to improve your odds. The house’s edge always remains intact in this game, and no amount of high-level thinking can help you escape that fact.

We offer this preamble not to warn you away from online slots, on the contrary in fact.

Slot games offer an extremely popular entry point into casino gambling, they’re perfect for recreational players still learning the lay of the land, and the balance between minor losses and major jackpot wins is surely thrilling.

Instead, the facts about slot gameplay presented above have been laid bare to protect you from the scourge of slot strategies and systems.

Unless you know how online slots work – and how they don’t – the temptation to use “foolproof” strategies can be overwhelming. After all, everybody prefers winning to losing, and human nature is built upon an insatiable desire to improve. So why wouldn’t you want to apply certain systems to play better and win more?

Well, for starters, every single time the reels spin on a slot, you’re witnessing a wholly independent event. That is to say, one spin has absolutely no connection to previous spins, or future spins.

You may see three BAR symbols lined up in a row on one spin, beating 30 to 1 odds. But on the next spin, you’ll face the exact same 30 to 1 odds on three BARs. They don’t get worse because you just hit, or better when you haven’t hit for a while. The reels really don’t have a memory to speak of, and that’s a crucial realization.

Most slot strategies, like the pattern tracking and naked reel counting methods mentioned earlier, are based on the classic “Gambler’s Fallacy” – which suggests that previous results hold sway on the present and future.

If you’ve ever heard a roulette player explain a big bet on red by revealing “black’s hit four in a row; red’s due,” that’s the Gambler’s Fallacy in action. And just like it doesn’t work in roulette, this type of “strategy” doesn’t hold water for online slots either.

Instead, use common sense strategies to dictate the terms of your slot play, not the outcome:

  • Slow down the pace and reduce your spins per hour rate, because slots offer a negative expectation wager.
  • Search for games with the highest payout percentages (or “return to player”), while avoiding the alternative.
  • Steer clear of progressive jackpot games unless you can withstand the higher volatility.
  • Stand up and walk away when you’re suffering through a prolonged losing streak.