Hit The Slots With An Ode To Bingo

Hit The Slots With An Ode To Bingo

Micro Gaming has released a new online bingo slots game and its packing some serious sass. Sassy Bingo is our new 5-reel bingo game that gives players nine active lines to win from. You can bet anywhere between 0.01$ to 10$ per line, with a max bet of 90$ per spin. Furthermore, the slot game boasts a bonus round, special symbols, and many other features which make it the premiere online bingo slot on the market today.  This next-gen slot game gives players the ability to multiply their winnings up to 5000X their original wage. Even a small gamble of one penny could return as much as 50$, which would entice even the most conservative of players.

General Description

The payout combinations are reached when three or more symbols line up one after another on any specific line.  On top of this, the symbols can be featured on any line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal). After the end of the spin, the winning amount is calculated on the multiplication of the combination index (up to 5000X) by the bet and then stacked per line. Lastly, Sassy Bingo allows you to guess if the following ball is even or odd. Guessing correctly would multiply your bet by two, but losing the bet would result in the complete loss of your bet. It should be noted that, similarly to the rules of other online casinos, the quantity of rounds may be limited.


As this is a bingo game, the numbers found on the balls are present on the reels. However, this is not your regular game of bingo, since the numbers can also be found on fruits and berries (strawberry, kiwi, lemons, and etc.). Special symbols, such as Wild (a ball with a 7 on it) and Bonus (ten balls with letters) are also present in the game and play an integral part to your potential success.

Firstly, Wild symbols do not lead to a payout alone, but it can replace any symbol of your choice, except the Bonus, thus becoming one of the most valuable symbols. Bonus is used to start a Bonus round, which can be triggered when three and more symbols line up next to each other on an active line.

Bonus games

Sassy Bingo’s bonus round is an ode to the original bingo game. You begin the round with a card and you would have to come up with the winning numbers. The more successful your outcome, the larger the potential payout will be, as it can reach 250 total bets.

Sassy Bingo is a perfect video slot game for gamblers who enjoy both slots and bingo. With a sharp layout and easy to learn interface, multiple options for bet multiplication and 9 lines from which to possibly win from per spin, this game provides players with great value and experience.