Let the Fantasy Begin with Fantasy Fortune

Spin your way into a fantastical world of unicorns, knights, dragons, and castles by playing our 5-reel slot game Fantasy Fortune. This retro-style game has enough bonus features to ensure you land some top-notch payouts while enjoying a unique fantasy theme. Your imagination will run… Read more

Fresh New Keno Available in Specialty Games Section

Everyone’s talking about the newest Keno to hit Bumbet’s Specialty Games section. Fans of the simple lottery game are thrilled with this streamlined version of the oldest casino game around. A few key upgrades have brought Keno into the 21st century, so if you haven’t… Read more

Paddle Down the Lucky Rivers of South America with Bingo Ribeirinhos

  Welcome to the home of the Ribeirinhos people, the people of the rivers of South America. They’ve found a great deal of luck in the rivers, and with Bingo Ribeirinhos, they’ve brought it home to you.   How to Play Bingo Ribeirinhos To start… Read more

Bring Back the Romance With Starlight Kiss

There’s nothing like a little romance to perk up a slots session. The people at Microgaming have plenty of experience in the love department, giving us games like Immortal Romance and The Finer Reels; they added to their collection with the 2013 release of Starlight… Read more

Hit The Slots With An Ode To Bingo

Micro Gaming has released a new online bingo slots game and its packing some serious sass. Sassy Bingo is our new 5-reel bingo game that gives players nine active lines to win from. You can bet anywhere between 0.01$ to 10$ per line, with a… Read more

Online Slots Strategies

If you’re new to the world of online slot machine play, you’ll inevitably encounter fellow players peddling strangely worded advice about “tracking patterns” or “counting naked pulls.” And while some of these slot fans may mean well, simply hoping to impart their own personal approach… Read more

Connecting Pay Lines to Cost

Many blackjack players don’t really grasp how things like deck density (six-deck shoe versus eight-deck) or the dealer’s action on soft 17 hands can affect their bottom line, so beginner blackjack strategy involves dissecting these minutiae. Within the world of online slots, the prime factor… Read more

Three Reel vs Five Reel

Nearly 120 years after inventor Charles Fey produced the world’s first slot machine, the game’s layout remains largely unchanged. Fey’s original “Liberty Bell” game was built around three independently rotating reels, on which a final symbol would be displayed. Lining up matching symbols across these… Read more

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